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Understanding the Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Get Relief

22 September 2023

Understanding the Causes of Shoulder Pain and How to Get Relief

The shoulder, with its most versatile range of motion, stands as the most dynamic joint in the body. It is a ball and socket joint that consists of three bones: the long arm bone, the collar bone, and the shoulder blade.

A minor injury or excessive strain hampers the shoulder's functionality, leading to severe pain and discomfort. A group of four muscles and their tendons (known as the rotator cuff) provides stability and movements of the head of humerus within the glenoid fossa.:

Shoulder pain, in turn, can majorly disrupt the entire working of your arm, hence affecting your everyday activities and necessitating treatments like physiotherapy, pain management, arthroscopic subacromial decompression, bankart repair, rotator cuff repair surgery, and more depending upon the injury and cause of pain.

It's crucial to comprehend shoulder pain's factors and causes to seek appropriate and timely treatment! Here are some of the prevalent causes of shoulder pain:

Tendon Tear (Rotator Cuff Tear)

Rotator cuff tear causes significant shoulder pain. This in turn is caused by the Repetitive or forceful movements, overuse, or sudden trauma. This affects mobility, leading to severe discomfort in the shoulders.

To treat rotator cuff tears, one must appear for a diagnosis, rest, and go for physical therapy. The symptoms that don't get better may need Surgical intervention.


Fractures are another common cause of shoulder pain caused by falls, accidents, or sports. A fracture inside your shoulder can lead to severe pain, swelling, and restricted movements.

In the case of a normal injury, it can be treated with ice application, slings, and pain management. In contrast, some injuries require surgical interventions to realign the bones and regain strength and mobility.


Shoulder dislocation is a frequent cause of pain, swelling, and visible deformity. A dislocation occurs when the upper arm bone comes out of the socket in the shoulder blade, which should be immediately treated.

Dislocation is reduced by gentle maneuvers, which should be performed only by professional doctors. After reduction shoulder must be immobilized with a shoulder immobilizer and a rehabilitation session to strengthen the shoulders again.


A shoulder separation is most commonly caused by trauma or a fall that stretches or tears the ligament.

In cases of mild separations, they can be healed by ice, rest, or adequate pain management, while in cases of severe separations, one might require surgery.


Arising from the inflammation of tendons, tendinitis is another common cause of shoulder pain. It is caused by repetitive movements, sports, or even age-related degeneration.

Ice, rest, and pain relievers are the treatments for tendinitis. Additionally, physical therapy strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility effectively and efficiently.


Resulting from the inflammation of the bursa, bursitis is another cause of shoulder pain. Overuse or forceful movements, repeated motions, or injuries cause bursitis.

Optimal rest, avoiding forceful activities, and applying ice can reduce inflammation. Making physical therapy a part of one’s routine strengthens the muscles, improves mobility, and provides the utmost relief.


A condition in which the tendons of the rotator cuff of the shoulder are pinched as they pass between the top of the upper arm (humerus) and the tip of the shoulder (acromion), leading to significant shoulder pain.

Taking rest, avoiding forceful activities, and physical therapy are some shoulder impingement treatments that could relieve the pain. Severe cases require arthroscopic sub-acromial decompression, which creates more space to relieve the pressure from the affected part.


The over-time degeneration of the joint's cartilage causes osteoarthritis. Further, it causes stiffness, restricted range of motion and discomfort.

This type of shoulder pain treatment requires pain management and joint function improvement, while severe cases require surgeries to bring comfort and relief back.

Final Thoughts

For addressing or treating the myriad causes of intense shoulder pain, implementing optimal rest, pain management, physical rehabilitation, and ice application is a practical course of action. By adhering to these common practices, you can experience improved mobility, enhanced posture, and relief from pain. Performing these practices under a therapist or professional guidance could result in best results with safety.

In severe conditions, surgical interventions are highly advantageous before the situation or injury deteriorates. You will find a lot of orthopaedic hospitals that treat pain and injuries well. However, choosing Neemtree Healthcare, the reliable and most convenient choice of the locals, guarantees an effective shoulder pain treatment.

Entrusting your care to Neemtree Healthcare assures a comfortable restoration journey, allowing you to resume everyday activities without hindrance. With the belief that your health and future deserve a prudent investment, and by choosing Neemtree over any other, you can align with your requirements and operate with the latest tools and techniques.


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