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Sports injuries are injuries sustained while participating in sports activities or doing exercises.

Risk of the sports injuries increase in case of:

  1. Over Training
  2. Lack of Conditioning
  3. Improper form or technique
  4. Contact Sports
  5. Failing to warm up before exercise or sports

Types of Sports Injuries:

1) Strain (over stretching or tear of muscle or tendon)

2) Sprain (over stretching or tear of ligament)

3) Knee Injuries (ACL Tear / PCL Tear / Meniscus Tear / MCL Tear)

4) Swollen muscles / Muscle Bruises

5) Achillis tendon injury / rupture

6) Fractures

7) Dislocation of joints

8) Rotator cuff injuries

9) Shin splints

10) Heat exhaustion

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Prevention of Sports Injuries:

1) Using proper technique

2) Using proper equipment

3) Avoid over doing

4) Resume activities slowly

5) Warm-up before exercises / sports


a) Mild sports injuries - Usually conservative treatment is enough for management of mild injuries.

RICE Regime is gold standard for treatment of mild injuries.

R - Rest

I - Ice

C - Compression

E - Elevation

RICE regime is most effective in first 24 to 36 hours.

b) Moderate to severe cases - Following are signs of seeking emescy medical care:

  1. i) Severe swelling and pain
  2. ii) Visible lumps / bumps / deformity
  3. iii) Popping/crunching sinus on moving the joint
  4. iv) Instability
  5. v) Inability to put weight on the joints
  6. vi) Fever

c) Sports injury may require surgery / physical therapy.

How can we help?

The goal of therapy for patients is to swift recover for their injury and return to their preferred activities.

Our specialist at Neem tree deal with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injury to athlete.

Neem tree has outstanding infrastructure as well as the best doctors and facilities for a variety of ailments.

Our specialists have received specific training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries. They can assist athletes in returning to their favorites activities as soon as possible using the most advanced, minimally invasive therapies available.

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  • Neem Tree is Covid19 safe - The patient's safety is first here, and it is mainly taken care of by social distancing and sanitized clinics besides sterilized hospital rooms.
  • Our team of doctors is fully vaccinated.
  • Post-surgery care - We tend to offer fantastic follow-up sessions, including consultations and instructions like dietary tips and physiotherapy to all patients to ensure you have a seamless recovery.
  • Home Care including change of dressing, stitch removal and physiotherapy sessions at home.