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Hip Replacement
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Things to know about hip replacement:

Hip replacement is most likely a surgical process of replacing a hip joint amid a prosthetic implant. Hemi Replacement or Total Replacement are the two types of hip replacements. Under the hemi replacement, the doctor is likely to replace only half of the hip joint, but under the total replacement, the expert is expected to return the entire hip area. Hip replacement is also termed hip arthroplasty, and it is likely to be an option for hip pain.


The expert is likely to evaluate your condition during diagnosis before moving ahead with the treatment. The doctor might recommend some tests during the diagnosis process:

  1. The doctor might do a physical examination and assess your hip's mobility, strength, and alignment. 
  2. The orthopedic expert is likely to gather some information about ideal health.
  3. Additionally, they might also recommend you get an x-ray done so they can understand the extent of deformity and damage in your hip area. 
  4. They might also recommend patients to get tests, including CT scan and MRI, as it would allow them to evaluate the condition of their bone and tissues.


Usually, the experts perform hip replacement surgery under anesthesia.

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Anatomy of the hip:

To quote simply, the hip is likely to be a ball and socket joint. The ball is expected to be located in the thigh bone's hip or the femur, and it is known as the femoral head. The socket is likely to be part of the pelvis, and it is termed acetabulum. The ball is expected to move around the socket, and it allows the leg to move forward, backward, and sideways. When the hip tends to be in a healthy or normal position, the cartilage tends to cover the ball or socket, allowing it to move smoothly over each other. in addition, there is likely to cover the ball and socket, allowing it to slide gently over it. You might find it challenging to walk if you have an arthritic hip.


How do you know if you need a hip replacement?

Ans. If one has an experience of arthritis, they are likely to consider a hip replacement for chronic pain in their hip area, which doesn’t need any medications. The stiffness in the hip also doesn’t allow one to walk or limits their regular activities.

Can hip replacement be done as an outpatient?

Ans. Several patients need to stay in the hospital for at least a day or two after the hip replacement. The discharge is likely to depend on one’s condition and surgery.

Ans. Is hip replacement a major surgery?

Ans. Yes, the total hip replacement is likely to be a major surgery as it includes several complications post-surgery, and you can indeed prevent risks by heading to some trained specialists.

What is the cost of a hip replacement surgery?

Ans. Hip replacement surgery is no doubt a little expensive affair, but one cannot communicate a fixed cost. There are plenty of factors which are kept into consideration when deciding upon the costing for the hip replacement surgery.

After how many days of Hip Replacement can I walk?

Ans. You can start walking next day, depending upon your medical condition.