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Revision Hip Replacement
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Total Hip Replacement is one of the most successful procedure in all of medicine allowing patients to live more productive and active lives free of debilitating hip pain.

With more joint replacements performed every year and procedures extending to treat younger more active patients, there is an increase in need of Revision Total Hip Replacement.

Over a period of time the Hip Replacement may fail due to a variety of reasons. When your Hip Replacement fails, then what you need is a second surgery i.e. Revision Total Hip Replacement where your doctor will remove some or entire part of original implant and replace them with new implant.

Revision Hip Replacement is a longer and more complex procedure that requires extensive planning and special implants and technology to achieve the desired goals.

We at Neem tree healthcare have vastly experienced surgeons trained extensively in revision surgery and routinely dealing in Revision Hip Replacement cases with satisfactory patient outcomes.

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Why does a Total Hip Replacement fails:

1- Implant loosening and wear:

Exact cause of implant loosening is not known but is mostly due to repetitive high impact activities, excessive body weight and wear of plastic spacer.

In some cases particles wear off from plastic spacer and accumulate around the joint and initiate body immune response that unfortunately attacks health bones around the joint and leads to osteolysis

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2- Infection:

Infection is the potential complication of any surgical procedure including Total Hip Replacement.

Infection occurs when bacteriad attach in and around the prosthesis.

Infection may occur immediately while you are in hospital or adfer you go home. It may even develop e years later.

When a hip joint gets infected,it becomes loose and gives rise to pain,instability and drainage from infection site.

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Revision surgery in case of infection depends on many factors including severity of infection and type of bacteria

  1. Debridement with implant retention and exchange of ball and plastic liner
  2. Two stage revision (stage 1 involves removal of removal infected implant, debridement and insertion of antibiotic spacer. Stage 2 involves removal of antibiotic spacer and replacement with revision implant.
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3- Recurrent dislocation

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4- Peri Prosthetic Fractures:

- Fracture around prosthetic implant.

- Treatment of the fracture depends upon location and type of fracture, bone quality and implant loosening.

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5- Metal Hyper Sensitivity/metal allergy


Evaluation includes:

1) Details of previous surgery.

2) Detailed physical examination.

3) Special investigation:

  1. a) X - Ray (AP, Lateral and weight bearing radiographs).
  2. b) CT Scan
  3. c) Bone Scan
  4. d) Blood Tests (ESR, CBC and CRP)
  5. E) Hip Aspiration (sometimes)


During the procedure the surgeon removes the old implants and replaces them with the new revision implant. Depending on particular case, variety of revision implants may be used.

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  1. Recovery in Hospital
  • Pain Management ( Includes Oral/ Intravenous medicines + epidural Injections)
  • Physical Therapy ( Joint mobilization, ambulation and exercises for muscle strengthening)
  • Blood Clot Prevention (Compression stockings, DVT pumps and blood thinner medicines.)
  • Preventing Infection (Oral and Intravenous antibiotics and wound care.)
  1. Recovery at Home
  • Wound Care
  • Physical Therapy ( You may require help of therapist for a few weeks)
  • Medications for pain relief, blood clot formation and preventing infection.


The possible risks and complications of revision tkr surgery include:

  • Poor wound healing
  • Reduced range of motion or stiffness in the knee
  • Infection in the wound or the new prosthesis
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots in the legs, which may travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism)
  • Bone fracture during surgery
  • Damage to nerves or blood vessels

Long-Term Outcomes

The majority of patients who have revision surgery experience favorable long-term outcomes, including relief from pain and increased stability and function. Complete pain relief and restoration of function is not always achievable, however, and some patients may still experience pain or knee stiffness following revision surgery.

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