Shoulder Replacement
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Who needs a shoulder replacement ?

  • Arthritis
  • Acute trauma including comminuted fractures
  • Failure of previous fixation
  • Failure of previous arthroplasty
  • Irreparable rotator cuff tears
  • Tumors

Things to know about shoulder replacement

  • Osteoarthritis of shoulder joint is a progressive disorder characterized by damage to the articular cartilage of humeral head and/or glenoid.
  • It can lead to functional limitations, compromising with the individual’s quality of life.
  • It can lead to significant socio-economic burden on the family and society.
  • Shoulder replacement is the ideal solution for such patients.
  • Reverse Shoulder replacement has emerged as the treatment of choice for dealing with neglected fractures , arthritis or tendon damage, prior failed shoulder arthroplasty or complications arising out of previous treatments or neglect, owing to better outcome and lower failure rate than conventional anatomical total shoulder replacement.
  • A better understanding of the shoulder biomechanics has contributed to the popularity of the procedure.

What happens under the shoulder replacement treatment?

  • Diagnosis- doctor will take a detailed history and may also advise some investigations for determining the underlying cause for your condition.
  • Surgery – doctor will explain you about the different treatment modalities available such as anatomical shoulder replacement , reverse shoulder replacement and will guide you for the best surgery for your condition.
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  • Passive or active-assisted motion only during early rehab
  • Progress to ER isometrics

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  • Post-surgery care - We tend to offer fantastic follow-up sessions, including consultations and instructions like dietary tips and physiotherapy to all patients to ensure you have a seamless recovery.
  • Home Care including change of dressing, stitch removal and physiotherapy sessions at home.