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Spine Surgery
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In the country, almost 30% + people of the people have been suffering from the spinal issues, and out of them, 50% at least undergo the spinal surgeries.
As the cornerstone of Neemtree's Spine department, our doctors integrate all surgical and nonsurgical specialty care areas by pooling their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Most of the spine problems don’t need surgery and are treated by medicines/physiotherapy/postural precautions. When non-operative  techniques are inadequate or inappropriate, spine surgery can ease pain and correct nerve injuries in the back. 

Common indications for spone surgery include

  • A slipped disc that isn’t getting better on its own or with non operative treatment
  • Bone spurs in your spine  that are putting pressure on your spinal cord
  • A degenerative spinal condition like spinal stenosis  that’s causing side effects, like weakness
  • Weakness or numbness in your arms and legs
  • Trouble walking or using your hands
  • Lost bladder or bowel control because of a problem with the nerves in your back
  • A spinal infection, or a high fever with back pain -- this can be a sign of a spinal infection( eg tuberculosis of spine)
  • A broken or dislocated bone in your back
  • A tumor on your spinal cord


This procedure is used to treat a herniated disc, the most prevalent cause of lower back discomfort. To restore standard form and relieve pressure on the nerve, the soft material in the disc is removed.

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Laminectomy and Laminotomy:

These procedures include removing the lamina (a tiny bony plate on each vertebra) to relieve pressure on the nerve that causes back pain in stenosis sufferers.

Recent advancements in medical technology have made minimally invasive spinal surgery possible. The entire treatment is carried out through small incisions and with the assistance of an endoscope (a thin instrument with a tiny camera on the tip). Compared to standard surgery, minimally invasive surgery has various advantages, including reduced postoperative discomfort, more minor scars, and a faster recovery period. 

In India, advanced spine surgery facilities with superior diagnostic and reasonable spine surgery costs are available.

The institution, led by India's most outstanding spine surgeons, is known for its skill and experience in treating complex spinal diseases. We have India's most exceptional spine surgeons and a dedicated staff that provide a lot of experience and wide-ranging knowledge to help us evolve into India's premier spine surgery centre.

Why Should You Opt for Neemtree in Spinal Surgery?

Neemtree's Neuro Surgeons have years of training, expertise, and practice under their belts. They are outfitted with the most up-to-date surgical instruments and staffed by qualified medical personnel to ensure accurate diagnosis, care, and treatment of patients suffering from spinal disorders. They also have qualified physiotherapists and support professionals on hand to assist patients in recovering faster, gaining movement, and gaining freedom following surgical treatments.

Our neurosurgeons are well-versed in a variety of spine procedures. Surgery may be beneficial when you have a physical problem with your spine, such as a herniated disc or spondylolisthesis. It is, nonetheless, required in cases of significant illness or malignancy.

Why choose Neemtree?

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  • Neem Tree is Covid19 safe - The patient's safety is first here, and it is mainly taken care of by social distancing and sanitized clinics besides sterilized hospital rooms.
  • Our team of doctors is fully vaccinated.
  • Post-surgery care - We tend to offer fantastic follow-up sessions, including consultations and instructions like dietary tips and physiotherapy to all patients to ensure you have a seamless recovery.
  • Home Care including change of dressing, stitch removal and physiotherapy sessions at home.


How long will I have to stay in the hospital after spine surgery?

Ans. The majority of patients spend between one and five days in the hospital after spine surgery. The personnel at Neemtree will not release you until you are completely safe and ready to return home. Patients may require some time in rehabilitation before returning home.

Will I have scar?

Ans. There will always be a scar if you have surgery. At Neemtree, we always try to keep the incision as small as possible and place it in a cosmetically pleasing location so that the scar is not visible. The majority of treatments are performed using minimally invasive keyhole techniques, so your scar will be minor.

How long will the procedure take?

Ans. Surgeries vary in length depending on their intricacy; however, most minimally invasive procedures take roughly 1-2 hours.