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Total Knee Replacement Surgery
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Neem Tree Is the one-stop destination for patients looking to get assistance for knee replacement surgery from the experts.

Things to know about knee replacement:

It can be a total or a partial knee replacement. Total knee replacement is an extensive surgery to restore the affected parts of the knee joint with artificial implants. During the surgery, special instruments are used to perform the procedure. The instruments are used to resurface the bone and put the implants.

Who needs a knee replacement?

Individuals having:-

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Long-Standing knee pain & swelling
  • Knee Joints have severe arthritis
  • Legs have severe deformity (Bent or bowlegs)
  • Arthritis due to injuries around the knee joint.
  • Post-traumatic patients having severe knee pain

What happens under the knee replacement treatment?


best total knee replacement surgery in delhi

The orthopedic professional is likely to diagnose the condition of your knee. The expert will inspect the knee for tenderness and swelling while considering the knee pain. They might also push and pull your knee to understand the damage in the knee's structure. Finally, the doctors are likely to recommend relevant investigations such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRIs to understand better.


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Not all injuries are likely to need surgery, and if one needs, they can go through a partial knee replacement surgery where the doctor might only replace the damaged knee part and replace it with metal or plastic parts. When the surgery is performed, patients don't need to stress as its risk-free, and minimal incisions are required.

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Neem Tree is Covid19 safe- The patient's safety is first here, and it is mainly taken care of by social distancing and sanitized clinics besides sterilized hospital rooms. Our team of doctors is fully vaccinated.

Assisted surgery experience- a dedicated medical professional, will help you through the start of the insurance. It makes the entire process easy.

Medical expertise with technology- Our experts tend to invest a lot of time to diagnose your condition. You can also be assisted with all the pre-surgical diagnostics.

Post-surgery care- We tend to offer fantastic follow-up sessions, including consultations and instructions like dietary tips and physiotherapy to all patients to ensure you have a seamless recovery.



Should I have knee replacement surgery?

Ans. The surgeon might recommend a replacement surgery if you have severe knee pain and all other treatments have failed. However, the doctor will suggest a knee replacement only when they see you.

How long will I have to stay in the hospital after knee replacement surgery?

Ans. If you undergo a knee replacement, you would be required to stay at the hospital for at least two days. But the recovery is likely to decide your total duration.

When can I take a bath after knee replacement surgery?

Ans. Several patients can take a bath on the next day of the surgery, but your doctor can instruct you to follow some instructions to keep the operated area fine. Patients need to follow some instructions.

How much does a knee replacement surgery cost?

Ans. Once our medical experts examine your situation, then depending upon the condition and findings the costing can be finalized of the surgery