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Knee Osteotomy
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Osteotomy means cutting of bone, and in knee osteotomy, tibia or femur is cut and it gets reshaped to relieve various pressure points on knee joints. Knee osteotomy is used when one tends to have early osteoarthritis, which has damaged one side of your knee joint. An osteotomy tends to relieve pain and mainly improves function in the arthritic knee by shifting the weight to the non-damaged area.

Knee osteotomy has mainly three objectives:

  • It transfers weight from an arthritic part of your knee to a healthier area.
  • To correct your poor knee alignment.
  • It also helps to prolong the lifespan of one’s knee joint.

One of the best parts about this process is that by preserving one’s natural knee anatomy, a successful osteotomy might delay the need for joint replacement for few years down the line. Additionally, there are no significant restrictions on physical activities after the process, and patients can easily participate in their favorite sports or activities or even some high-impact exercise. There are some cons also, like the pain relief isn't likely predictable after osteotomy than partial or total knee replacement.

Ideally, recovery from osteotomy is quite long and more challenging because one might not be able to bear their weight on their operated knee instantly. In some cases, having an osteotomy can later lead to knee replacement surgery, which is indeed challenging. It is because the results from a total knee replacement and partial knee replacement have been pretty successful, and knee osteotomy has been less common.

Who can get osteotomy?

Knee osteotomy is most effective for thin or active patients who are below 60 years. Some candidates are known as good as they have pain only in one knee, and at times there is no pain under the knee cap. Knee pain is only bought by some activity or by standing for a long time. Above all, candidates need to be able to straighten their knees and bend them towards 90 degrees. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis aren’t ideal candidates for osteotomy. Your surgeon can determine if a knee osteotomy is perfect for you.


In several cases, patients go home 2 to 3 days after the process. You might feel some pain after surgery, which can be managed with medications that are available to help you control pain, like opioids, besides local anesthetics.

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Is doctor visit vital?

Ans. Under doctor visits, your surgeon will see after surgery x rays so that osteotomy has healed. Then, after your follow-up, the expert will tell you when it is safe or not.

Is rehabilitation exercise vital?

Ans. Yes, without a doubt, rehabilitation exercise is a must as a physical expert will plan some exercises for you to help maintain several ranges of motions.

When it comes to Osteotomy of my knee, will it be an expensive affair?

Ans. This is a very subjective question and it will depend on what you find expensive. However, based your situation, you will be told the costing and you can accordingly decide whether it is something you can afford or not.

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