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Selecting The Best Spine Doctor In India

20 September 2022

Spine Surgery | Dr. Pankaj Bajaj
Selecting The Best Spine Doctor In India

6 Crucial Tips In Selecting The Best Spine Doctor In India

If a person is experiencing low back pain or neck pain, it is suggested to watch over time and encourage them to maintain suitable, stable physical activity to see if the issue is resolved.

There are numerous things to keep in mind if you have a condition that requires visiting a spine surgeon. A physician who has completed extensive medical training in diagnosing and treating spinal disorders is called a spine specialist. Some of these physicians are further neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons. Furthermore, you should be innately involved in choosing the right specialist for your care. Apart from being an experienced and skilled professional, one who meets other important guidelines as well.

No matter the symptoms that require the service of a spine surgeon, it is crucial for you to find the perfect specialist to meet your needs. You deserve to be treated by someone with the best training and skills who is also efficient and caring. How do you know whom to trust in selecting one of the best spine doctors in India?

No matter your location, the initial step in selecting the best spine surgeon in Delhi NCR or any other city as well is to do thorough research. Create a list of possible candidates from online resources, family, friends, neighbors, or other resources. Your primary care physician may also have recommendations for trusted specialists. In researching candidates online, read about the surgeon, their practice, and patient reviews. Remember not to get carried over by fancy websites or marketing, as some highly capable physicians do not focus their talents on that aspect of their business. Online research is only one element of your quest in finding one of the best spine doctor in India

Make a list of questions you should ask any surgeon that you are considering for your treatment. Best spine surgeon in india always welcome prospective patients who come to their initial appointment with a list of questions so they can feel comfortable and confident in their choice of specialist. It is better to schedule a consultation with the spine surgeons you are considering so that you can get the answers you need to help you make the apt choice. If any doctor dissuades from the initial meeting, it’s better to cross that name off your list and move on. Moreover, the following 6 tips would help in selecting the right spine surgeon.

List Of Certifications:

Find a spine surgeon who is board certified and specially trained in spine surgeries. Enquire about degrees, residencies, and fellowship programs. The physician should not only meet critical surgical requirements but also have received accreditations specific to spine surgery. A fellowship implies that the surgeon has spent a minimum of one extra year working with senior spine specialists. This means the physician has undergone stringent testing and peer evaluation by a specialized medical board. Furthermore, residency training in a specialty must be completed.

Extensive Experience:

It is recommended to ask about their vast experience. Their practice experience and the numerous successful surgeries performed by them. Look for the strong background and expertise of the surgeon based on the specific issue you are facing. It is also advised to ask the surgeon how many procedures they generally perform annually, the success rate of their surgeries, and contact a few patients of such doctors to get a holistic idea.

State Of The Art Technology:

Consider the technology available at the hospital. Spinal surgery is one of the most complex surgeries. Ensure that state-of-the-art technologies are used in operating. Additionally, spine specialists should be up-to-date with the latest technologies and procedures to provide patients with the best care. The best spine surgery hospital in Delhi or any other town is equipped with cutting-edge technology to deliver painless surgeries and quick recovery Also, they will have experienced medical support staff who can deal with any problems during the operation & a physiotherapist who can help you recover quickly after surgery.

Bedside Manner:

Having a courteous relationship with your spine surgeon and the office staff is an essential part of your healthcare. Look for a doctor who is accommodating to answer all of your questions and spends enough time with you to build trust and confidence. Make sure the physician listens to your concerns, gives you timely updates about your health, and communicates effectively.

The best spine surgeons in India welcome the idea of patients taking second opinions. Search for surgeons who welcome your thought process and are supportive in your journey to seek the best treatment plan for your condition. The surgeon should be keen to ensure you have the best treatment plan for your condition and that all options have been considered before proceeding with surgery.

Furthermore, if you are looking for experts to analyze and share their views and opinions for devising the best procedures and modalities, Neemtree Healthcare serves as the one-stop solution. They bring together the best spine surgeons from Jaipur, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and various other states to deliver the best-in-class orthopedic services.


Request your primary care doctor, family, friends, and more for references for a reputable spine surgeon. Also find a trusted doctor who is open to providing references to patients who have undergone similar procedures to yours, so that you may ask them to share their experiences. Reputed surgeons never hesitate to give a history of their successful and acclaimed careers by providing contact details of their previous patients.

Location And Insurance:

Make certain that the physician’s office and the surgical center are suitable for you, and also enquire about your applicable insurance coverage with all healthcare professionals involved in your due care. Additionally, whether you are seeking the best spinal doctors in Gurgaon, Delhi, or any other metro city, it is best to confirm the dedicated center where you would be operated.

Lastly, your health is of utmost importance and your choice of caregivers plays a key role. It is extremely crucial to go over the above tips to ensure you have a successful operation and a healthy recovery.

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