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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

14 December 2022

Hip Replacement | Dr. Pradeep Sharma
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Timeline For A Quick And Healthy Recovery

Hip replacement surgery is used when all other treatments fail to provide adequate pain relief. A hip replacement surgeon removes a painful hip joint replacing it with an artificial joint made of plastic & metal components. A total hip replacement relieves the painful hip joint, making walking easier.

It is common for people to be able to walk after their hip replacement surgery on the same day or the next day. The usual resume activities are 10 to 12 weeks after surgery, whereas hip replacement surgery takes 6 to 12 months.

Most people from total hip replacement can recover within some months to a year, but sometimes recovery times vary from patient to patient. Physical rehabilitation starts the same day as the procedure but expect one to four days of bed rest even if the best hip replacement surgeon performs surgery. While searching for a hip replacement surgeon in Delhi, Uttarakhand, Haryana or any other city, Platforms like NeemTree Health Care, having doctors with years of clinical excellence and the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the field of orthopedics are your best choice in making Hip Replacement Surgery immensely successful.

Hip Replacement Recovery Timeline or Hip Replacement Recovery Time


The operation takes two to three hours, but you will be checked into the hospital several hours before surgery. You'll spend about two more hours as the anesthesia wears off in a recovery room. You will be on a liquid diet and given various intravenous medications to prevent infections and blood clots.


Most patients require aid getting out of bed but are able to move around with crutches or a walker. Take it slow but keep your body moving from time to time. It helps to promote circulation and avoid blood clots.

Physical therapists will show you motions that cause minor pain, but your overall movements will be limited for several more weeks. You will return to a regular diet after the surgery day, and the IV will be replaced by oral pain medication.


You can walk to the bathroom without help after the Hip Replacement Surgery. You will experience pain, but it should not overwhelm you. Most people can leave the hospital without complications after day three or four. Someone should drive you after surgery if you are headed home, while some patients must stay at a rehabilitation center before heading home.


This time is crucial to prevent infection. Follow your surgeon’s instructions to take care of the incision. Any signs such as fever, redness, or oozing from infection should be brought to notice.

You will be allowed to bathe or shower once your incision gets dried till the doctor removes your surgical staple which put on your Total Hip Replacement Surgery. Following that, you can take regular sponge baths, which will aid in keeping the incision clean.

Improve your physical mobility through regular physical therapy exercises to improve circulation, prevent stiffness and speed your recovery. Physical therapists and nurses will help with any signs of complications at the rehabilitation center.


You can walk without a walker or cane and be able to take showers and baths once the doctor removes your surgery staples at this time. Depending on your insurance coverage and recovery, you will likely return home after a stint at the rehabilitation center.


You should no longer need a walker or crutches, and light activities will resume. If you are medication free, you can also start driving as well.


Full recovery will take six to 12 months, while many people can return to normal activities within 10 to 12 weeks after surgery. Some people might feel pain which wears off slowly beyond the first year.

Closing Thoughts

Hip replacement is major surgery. Doctors must be selected based on their experience, skills, and knowledge, as your life is precious. Moreover, NeemTree Healthcare is a respected name in the field of orthopedics. With years of clinical excellence, their doctors adhere to the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the area of orthopedics and are your best choice.
With more than 35 centers in 13 cities and treating more than 40000 happy patients, and an enriched experience of more than 40+ years, their credibility stands immensely validated.
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Question - Hip Replacement Recovery Time?

Ans- Full recovery will take 6 to 12 months, while many Patient can return to normal activities within 10 to 12 weeks after hip replacement surgery.

Question - How long do you need physical therapy after hip replacement surgery?

Ans- After recovering at home for two to three weeks, physical therapy typically begins. Therapy can last up to three months, Neemtreehealthcare doctor's help you throughout your hip replacement recovery time.


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