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Recovery Time After Spine Surgery

28 December 2022

Spine Surgery | Dr. Pradeep Sharma
Recovery Time After Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery: Timeline, Precautions or Spine surgery Recovery Period

The spinal cord is central nervous system's part. The density of essential nerves around the spine makes this area particularly vulnerable to the side effects of open-back surgery. An orthopedic surgeon or a neurosurgeon typically performs spinal fusion surgery.

The doctors usually have an entire surgical team because of the extensivity of the operation. Nowadays, the best spine surgeon in India employs endoscopic spine surgery, where the surgeon uses high-resolution intraoperative x-ray guidance and effective image converters.

Surgery may be required for severe back pain that fails to get better after a 6 to 12-week course of nonsurgical treatments. Such a significant surgery requires a team of well-trained doctor with years of expertise. NeemTree is a one-stop solution that provides access to the best spine centers in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh while keeping the spinal surgery cost in India affordable.

How Long Does Back Surgery Recovery Take or Spine Surgery Recovery Tips?

The duration or spinal cord surgery recovery time depends on several factors. The procedure used to correct the problem, the extent of the procedure, the type of back problem being corrected and how diligently you follow pre-op and post-op instructions.

Your recovery would be over in two to three weeks If one or more parts of your discs were removed, This timeline also holds if your back is widened at your spinal column where your nerve roots exited. However, your recovery will take between one and six months, depending on your age, if you had multiple laminae removed or two of your bones were fused.

Spinal surgery connects two or more vertebrae of your spine. The surgery is done to reduce pain, to help stabilize your spine or address spine issues. It is an effective procedure with a lengthy recovery time. Most people must refrain from resuming their usual activities for at least six months, and it may be more than one year before some activities can be attempted.

However, patients who opt for spine surgery can significantly improve their quality of life. In addition, a successful spinal fusion results in a more active lifestyle after recovery. Tips Selecting The Best Spine Doctor In India.

Spinal Cord Surgery Recovery Time: Week By Week,

There’s no hard and fast rule regarding recovery from spinal fusion surgery. Everyone’s recovery timeline varies depending on their ability to exercise, heal, overall health, weight, and more.

It’s important to avoid discouragement or hold yourself to any goals and standards. However, there are general milestones you can hit as you recover. Below, you can read about these broad milestones and when they’ll occur.

Initial Days After Spinal Fusion,

The patient stays in the hospital for about 2 to 4 days following their spinal fusion surgery. They might need to wait longer to avoid any infection or other complications. Healthcare professionals monitor you for pain and ensure your surgery is successful at the hospital; You'll also meet with Occupational and physical therapists to begin your recovery.

Therapists will help you take on activities such as standing, getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, sitting up, caring for your incision, and walking safely without bending. Your doctor can give you a back brace which helps limit your motion allowing you to heal correctly. A therapist can help you put on and manage your back brace.

1 To 4 Weeks

The goal at this stage of your recovery is to allow your vertebrae to fuse, your back muscles to grow stronger, and your spine to heal. You can indulge in physical sessions, therapy, and medications to help manage your pain.

You might be allowed to return to work, depending on your job, during this stage. However, your activity will still be limited, and you will be asked to avoid twisting your spine, lifting anything heavier than about 4kgs, bending from your back, and driving.

5 To 9 Weeks

Physical therapy sessions are critical during this stage of the healing process. Your spine is fusing and growing together around this time. Physical therapy helps you start rebuilding your strength, allowing you to indulge in walking and other minor activities. You’ll build strength slowly with daily tasks, such as simple chores and driving.

You’ll still need to avoid lifting heavy objects, twisting motions, and bending weights. Your physical therapist will guide you through your recovery and suggest adjustments to make your workplace or home activities easier to manage.

10 To 24 Weeks

The first three months of spinal fusion recovery focus on building strength and resting. Once you make it to 10 weeks, physical activity and exercise will become the focus of your recovery.

You’ll still need to avoid bending and lifting heavy objects, but you’ll be able to engage in cardiovascular workouts and stretching. Your physical therapist will help you devise a workout plan to exercise on your own.

Six Months To 1 Year.

You'll have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist at around the 6-month mark. They'll confirm your vertebrae have fused successfully and spinal fusion was successful. You'll be cleared to return to nearly all your typical activities if everything is healed and looks right, which include twisting, lifting, and bending. In addition, it is advised to avoid extreme sports, but you can discuss limitations once you reach this milestone with your doctor.

1 To 2 Years.

Most people will fully recover in about one year following their spinal surgery. They no longer have any pain and return to all their usual activities. However, your vertebrae will continue to fuse and heal for up to 18 months. Any nerve damage to your spine will take up to 2 years to completely heal.

Closing Thoughts

Many Patient have question is spine surgery successful? Answere is, The majority of spine surgeries are successful these days. Various factors play a vital role in determining the success of spine surgeries, such as age, complications, and the doctor’s expertise.

While searching for a spine specialist near me online, platforms like NeemTree Health Care, having doctors with years of clinical excellence, and the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the field of orthopedics is your best choice in making spine surgeries immensely successful. They provide access to spine hospitals in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. With more than 35 centers in 13 cities and treating more than 40000 happy patients, and an enriched experience of more than 40+ years, their credibility stands immensely validated.

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