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Joint Pain Causes

18 October 2021

Orthopedic | Dr. Pankaj Bajaj
Joint Pain Causes

Possible Causes Of Joint Pain

Nowadays, joint discomfort has become a common symptom and is generally felt in the feet, hands, hips, spines or knees. You can feel constant pain, or it can go and come again. Often this joint can feel achy, sore or stiff. Many patients are facing sensation, throbbing or burning. Maximum cases joint can feel stiff in the early morning but feel better with the activity & movement. But excessive activity can be the cause of worse pain. Joint pain can affect the daily routine of a person. Because it can damage the joint function, therefore, that person cannot be able to do their primary tasks. Severe joint pain can also harm the quality of lifestyle. So, every person facing this kind of problem should take such kind of treatment, which will not focus only on the pain, but also on the practical functions and activities.

Causes Of This Joint Pain:

Leading Causes of incurable pain in the joints are:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is a long-term disease that causes pain & swelling in joints. Sometimes the joint become buckled; usually, it happens in the wrists & figures.
  • Bursitis is happened due to worn out. Generally, it has been found in the knee, hip, shoulder or elbow.
  • Gout is an excruciating and irritating condition where crystals from the body gathered together in joints and became the cause of swelling and pain. 
  • A very well-known and common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis. It is very much painful. It is a corrosion disease.
  • Also, rash, fever or viral infections can move to the joint very much painful.

Treatment Of This Pain:

Though you cannot get a permanent cure for pain, only it may be controlled to give the patient relief. But maximum times, the pain can go away with the help of medication or by doing some simple exercises. Here we are providing some various treatments of this pain:

  • Exercise can provide the back function & strength. Swimming, Walking, or another low-impact step exercise is the best.
  • At-home treatment, like applying the heating ice or pad on the damaged location, can be suggested for brief periods, various times in a day. Drenching in the warm bathtub can also provide relief.
  • Weight loss can also be advised, if required, to reduce the strain on the joints.
  • Some tropical treatments, like gels or ointments, which can be rubbed into the skin over the damaged joint area, can also help to reduce the pain. A maximum of these can be discovered over on the counter, or the medical expert can write the prescription.
  • Nutritional supplements such as glucosamine can help to erase the pain. Take advice from the doctor before using any counter supplement.


Joint pain is typical for an aged person, but now this joint pain has become a vital problem among all. There is a myth that you cannot get rid of this pain permanently, but the fact is that you can also get a permanent solution by proper treatment by experts. And also, get home remedies by doing some simple exercise, but if you are suffering from some severe joint pain, you have to go to the doctor immediately as soon as possible.

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