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Can Physiotherapy Work For Knee Pain?

18 November 2023

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation | Dr. Pankaj Bajaj
Can Physiotherapy Work For Knee Pain?

Physiotherapy is a form of treatment which restores a patient’s ability to move, function and overall well-being. It is through methods of physical rehabilitation, fitness techniques and injury prevention that the recovery process takes place. Through physiotherapy, the root cause of any injury is taken care of. Usually, physiotherapists take over after a patient undergoes major surgery, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, a heart attack or even a stroke.

Here is everything that physiotherapists treat:

  •          Discomfort and problems related to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments
  •          Problems with neck and back pain due to musculoskeletal issues
  •          Issues in the lungs or the heart
  •          Pelvic issues like bowel and bladder problems due to pregnancy
  •          Mobility problems due to trauma of the brain or spinal cord
  •          Problems in the muscles due to cancer
  •          Support during palliative care

What Physiotherapy Can Treat?

Time and again, people have resorted to physiotherapy for the varied benefits it provides to patients with serious problems:

  • Eliminates different kinds of pain and physical discomfort like knee pain
  • The relief methods help you with the excruciating pain
  • In some cases, patients can avoid surgeries with physiotherapy treatment
  • Gain better mobility after a stroke
  • Sports physiotherapy helps in regaining strength after a sports injury
  • Manage age-related issues or acute pain from arthritis or bone replacement surgeries
  • Help in managing women’s health issues after childbirth, urinary incontinency, fibromyalgia, breast cancer and other similar issues

Knee Pain: How Physiotherapy Can Help?

Every patient’s issues and discomfort are different. Hence, a physiotherapist’s approach will be different as well. They begin by understanding your medical history, assessing your current condition, drawing up a treatment plan, and, at the same time, supporting you with devices and exercises that will help reduce the pain.

Knee pain is of two types: one is acute and the other, chronic pain. The acute pain is usually a result of injuries and infections. On the other hand, the chronic kind of pain is the one which usually happens due to a particular reason or may have existed for a long time. It is also a condition that might occur in patients due to other physical conditions.

There are various types of physical therapy or physiotherapy for treating knee pain. These types of therapy can better your condition to a large extent. It will reduce the pain, the swelling and the stiffness in the joints. This allows patients to walk, move, kneel, crouch, bend and sit comfortably.

Various Therapy Techniques In Physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy: As the name suggests, hydrotherapy indicates water is used during treatment. It is used to stimulate blood circulation, which will treat the symptoms of the particular disease to provide relief.

Cryotherapy: This therapy technique is also known as cold therapy. In this type of therapy, a patient undergoes low-temperature treatment to treat and fix tissues which might have been damaged due to lesions.

Electrotherapy: The use of the electrical form of energy to treat knee pain is known as electrotherapy. This form of therapy reduces muscle spasms and relaxes them to a great extent. The therapy will also ensure increased blood circulation and muscle repair and enhance patient mobility. After immediate surgeries, electrotherapy helps in post-operation care, as well as in stimulating the muscles.

Exercise Therapy: This form of physiotherapy is targeted at patients who have therapeutic goals. The purpose of exercise therapy is to support the patient in restoring their normal musculoskeletal function. This will ensure your pain lessens and you are treated through neuro-education, gait training, and therapeutic activities. Specific exercise therapy focuses on muscle strength, resistance and VMO.

Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a physical type of treatment in which the symptoms of musculoskeletal discomfort are taken care of by the Chiropractor or osteopathic physician.

Does The Physiotherapy Treatment Really Work?

Yes, physiotherapy does help acute as well as chronic knee pain patients with their discomfort and conditions. There are physiotherapists who can detect the symptoms and identify the root cause to treat them effectively. Medical experts have suggested that they have encountered patients who have managed their uneasiness better with physiotherapy


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question 1. What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Answer: Physiotherapy is a medical treatment where the practitioner employs various therapeutic methods and techniques to manage patients' different bone, joint and muscle discomfort.

Question 2. Is Physiotherapy a Doctor's Degree?

Answer: According to the Indian Medical Association, a physiotherapist is a ‘Rehabilitation professional’ who cannot use the prefix ‘Dr’ before their official name.

Question 3. Can Physio Cure Lower Back Pain?

Answer: Physiotherapy helps with all kinds of pains related to the joints, bones, spine, neck and back.

Question 4. What are the 4 Types of Physiotherapy?

Answer: The different types of physiotherapy include Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, Electrotherapy, and Manual Therapy.

Question 5. Which Physiotherapy is Best?

Answer: There are various types of physiotherapy. However, it is not possible to call just one kind the best. The effectiveness of the treatment usually depends on the type of discomfort and pain the patient undergoes.

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