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Physiotherapy VS Orthopaedic

04 October 2021

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation | Dr. Pradeep Kriplani
Physiotherapy VS Orthopaedic

Orthopedic vs Physiotherapy

When someone agonizes the injury to the musculoskeletal function like muscle sprains, strains, ligament tears, bones dislocation or broken bones, that person has to decide whether to go for orthopaedic surgery or physiotherapy. There has been a long-lasting debate about when it comes to treatment of joint pain, what should one do? Should they go for physiotherapy or orthopaedic surgery? Hence, to break all myths, we’ll provide you the details. For instance, in the case of the Anterior Cruciate tear, the patient has to decide by himself whether he would like to continue his sports in the future or stop playing forever. If that patient would not like to continue his sports, then physiotherapy is enough for him. Still, if he wants to continue playing, he has to select orthopaedic surgery for an entire improvement. The maximum surgeon will advise taking orthopaedic surgery for the fastest recovery. Because medical experts typically believe that a quick response can prevent long-term complications like damages to meniscus or osteoarthritis. However, physiotherapy will be recommended to permit patients to give the strength to stand on their power by the surrounding muscles.



Physiotherapy helps the patients become free from any pain that he is recently experiencing and prevents them from facing again, permitting them to lead the best quality lifestyle. With the help of this physiotherapy expert, the patient can be able to make their endurance and muscle strength, improve their bone’s motion and improve their feet and hand coordination, erase the inflammation and swelling of the joints and reduce any pain. Physiotherapy is very much effective to reduce any damaged muscles or joints. So that person has to take advice from a professional therapist.

Orthopaedic Surgery:

When muscles and tissues are become damaged to an area where physiotherapy is not adequate for a long time and the damaged areas have to be stitched back together again, orthopaedic surgery is essential. In the field of a momentous fracture, also surgery is needed to permit the exact healing. Physiotherapy can also guide to build of the muscles, tissues & tendons surrounding the damaged area to provide help and support to compensate for the damaged part. Maximum surgeons will advise the patient to take the option of surgery if they want to participate in the future. In that case, orthopaedic surgery will give them the entire and permanent solution.

Orthopaedic Surgery VS Orthopedic Physiotherapy:

If you wonder about the better treatment for your family member or yourself, you have to check about procedures, cost, fastest healing time, and downtime. We all want an effective remedy, which can remove the pain permanently. So always, it is better to have each fact at your ejection before decided to select the effective treatment from orthopaedic surgery and physiotherapy. And your decision should depend on the extent of the damage and the expectations for after treatment.

To erase the pain, you need proper healing, and also you can enjoy the long-term effects with the help of both orthopaedic surgeons and Orthopedic Physiotherapy. You can see that the orthopaedic surgeon will do excellent work hand-in-hand with the physiotherapist.


You do not have to worry about it anymore, and if you have some severe problems, you have to take advice from the experts. Both the orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists will work together to give you relief.

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon
MBBS, Ms (Ortho), Training in Sports Medicine

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