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Joint Pain Remedies

25 October 2021

Joint Pain Remedies

Home Remedies For Joint Pain And When To Go For Replacement

Knee joint pain is widespread these days that has the chance to occur both for short as well as longer duration. Most of the short-term issues of joints do not need a doctor's consultation and can be treated by several home remedies. In the case of several long-term problems, too, home remedies can be effective in treating, but it is better if the consultation of a medical expert is taken.

Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Numerous home remedies work wonders on joint pain and can be performed to cure the issue. Coping up with specific simple remedial measures can help in treating the problem.


Though advanced exercises need the proper guidance of an expert, you can try out simple ones that are highly effective. Make sure to straighten and stretch your legs while you sit for long periods, and you can even sit, stand and then sit again repeatedly but in a slow manner which will help enhance blood circulation.

Correct Posture And Support:

The knee pain can be reduced or home remedies for knee pain is also help to reduce pain and controlled by trying specific processes like avoiding low chairs to sit, including a pillow to raise the height of the sitting area, continuous check on proper sitting posture, wearing perfect-sized shoes, and similar others.

Proper Diet:

The risk factors for the development of knee pain increase with the higher weight. Extra weight leads to more pressure on the joints, which upon losing, gets reduced and helps in treating long-term knee pain. Planning a healthy diet that includes higher quantities of fruits and green vegetables, and low-fat foods helps maintain a healthy weight and low knee pain.


Massage, be it from an expert or self-massage, helps reduce joint pain. The massage should always be done with the feet flat on the floor and forward-pointing knees. By closing the fists, tap on the upper, middle as well as lower thigh ten times, repeatedly for three times can help relax the thighs. Also, you can try pressing four fingers into the knee tissue and move to and fro five times. Relaxing the thigh muscles ultimately results in reducing joint pain.

Appropriate Time For Replacement

At times, the joint pain may become hard to control by simple home remedies, and it becomes the need of the hour to visit a medical expert. On seeing the orthopedic surgeon, you will be prescribed various tests and X-rays or even an MRI to observe the actual cause of the pain. If these tests indicate a significant reason, the surgeon will probably suggest knee replacement, with various pros and cons. However, if the expert suggests you go with the surgery, opting for it will be the best cure for your pain.

If you have decided to get the surgery, the following factors should be considered before choosing the time:

  • Can you get an ideal date according to your preferences?
  • Will you take care of yourself, or do you have your family to look after you?
  • What will be the total expenditure on the surgery, and if you can afford it?
  • What is the distance of your treatment destination from your home?


The joint pain can be a chronic pain that may need the guidance of a doctor to avail a permanent treatment. However, if the pain lasts for a shorter duration, home remedies can be considered for curing the same.

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon
MBBS, Ms (Ortho), Training in Sports Medicine

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