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A Quick Guide to Sports Injuries

20 October 2022

Sports Injury | Dr. Pradeep Sharma
A Quick Guide to Sports Injuries

A Quick Guide To Sports Injuries: Types, Treatment, And Prevention

Exercise is crucial for good health, but it is common to get injured while participating in sports and other physical activities. While playing sports, exercising, or athletic activities, a sports injury can occur, resulting in damage to your body parts. Children and adults both are at risk for these types of injuries.

You are at risk with sports injuries if you are inactive, lack warm-up before exercise, and exertion can result in injury. Sports injury is part and parcel of an athlete’s life; sometimes, accidental injuries can also happen. While searching for the best sports injury doctor near me online, sports rehabilitation center select the doctor based on their expertise and success rate.

Despite your best efforts, sports injuries are common. To get the best treatment and fast recovery, platforms like NeemTree Health Care provides a one-stop solution with doctors with years of clinical excellence and world-class technology.

With more than 35+ centers in 13 cities, it is easy to find the best sports injury hospital in India with NeemTree.

Types Of Sports Injuries

Various sports injuries carry distinct symptoms and complications. Types of sports injuries include


Sprain results from overstretching or ligament tear. Pieces of tissue connecting two bones in a joint are called ligaments.

Knee Injuries

Injury which interfers with knee joint mobility are sport injuries. Overstretch to muscle tear can be the reason behind it.

Swollen Muscles

Injury results in swelling. Swollen muscles are painful and make you feel weak in the injured part.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

Powerful tendon at your ankle’s back are known as Achilles tendon. While playing sports can result in a break or rupture. Sudden, severe pain is felt, resulting in difficulty in walking.


Bone fractures are also called broken bones.

Dislocations-dislocation of bone is common in sports injuries, resulting in bone being forced out of the socket. It is excruciating, leading to swelling and weakness. In such a scenario, it is advised to find a sports injury doctor near me online to prevent the injury from aggravating.

Rotator cuff injury is formed by four pieces of muscle working together. It helps you move your shoulder in all directions, whereas the rotator cuff gets weakened due to a rotator cuff.

Sports Injuries Treatment

A usual treatment regimen for sports injuries is the RICE method.

It stands for:


  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation



Mild sports injuries can be treated by this method. It is most effective when used within the first 24 to 36 hours after the injury. Additional pain and bruising in the starting days after the injury are reduced using such a method.

Here’s how to follow RICE, for a recovery timeline.

To treat sports injuries, both prescription medications and over-the-counter prescriptions are available. If the situation gets worse, go to emergency. Whereas for full fledge treatment, you can contact NeemTree, which provides the best sports injury doctor in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and around 13+ cities in India. The following are the symptoms of severe injury: visible lumps, bumps, or other deformities, popping or crunching sounds while using joints, and instability.

Sports Injuries Prevention

Warming up properly and stretching is the best way to prevent a sports injury doctor. Cold muscles are inclined to overstretching and tears compared to warm muscles, which are much more flexible. Furthermore, they result in quick movements, bends, and jerks, making you less injury prone.

Also, Use these steps to avoid sports injuries:

Follow The Right Technique

Know the right way to exercise during your sport or activity. Various kinds of exercise demand distinct stances and postures.

Have The Proper Equipment

Make use of the right sports gear. Ensure you have the appropriate athletic protection. Ill-fitting shoes or gear can aggravate your risk for injury.

Never Overassert Yourself

If you get injured, avoid working through the pain until you are completely healed. You may need to ease yourself into the exercise or sport rather than jumping.


Cool Down After Playing

A stretching routine after playing sports is also helpful.


Resume Activity Slowly

After the initial period of RICE, heat therapy helps relax tight muscles. Resume mild exercise as long break delay healing.



Sports injuries are common with athletes. It is recommended never to nurse the injury and always take proper treatment. Moreover, NeemTree is a renowned name in the field of orthopedics, with an expert team of the best sports doctors in India. Their doctors, with years of clinical excellence, adhere to the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the field of orthopedics and are your best choice. With more than 35 centers in 13 cities and treating more than 40000 happy patients, and an enriched experience of more than 40+ years, their credibility stands immensely validated.

Dr. Pradeep Sharma

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