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Knee Replacement Surgery: The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts for a Successful Recovery!

04 April 2023

Knee Replacement | Dr. Pradeep Sharma
Knee Replacement Surgery: The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts for a Successful Recovery!

Our knee joints are critical body assets that allow mobility and play a crucial role in daily activities such as running, walking, and standing. However, knee pain and injuries limit mobility and impact quality of life.

In such a scenario, total knee replacement surgery may be required to alleviate pain and restore function. Knee replacement surgery in Delhi or other metro cities involves removing the damaged portions of the knee joint and placing an artificial (implant) as a replacement. With the advancement of technology, knee replacement surgery cost has decreased, making it more affordable.

The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR minimizes the risk of complications and ensures the procedure's success. In addition, it's essential to consider factors such as experience, expertise, and patient outcomes while selecting the best knee replacement surgeon.

The primary objective of knee replacement surgery in Delhi NCR or other parts of India is to keep a person out of a painful state and restricted motion. In essence, such orthopedic surgery is a major deal. A patient has to keep himself strong during this medical journey.

The surgical procedure is in the hands of the knee replacement surgeon in Delhi and his team. However, the recovery process can be expedited as it is in the hands of the patient and his family members. The orthopedic surgeon and his team guide the way. Still, a strict need remains to monitor certain aspects after some months of surgery.

Here are some dos and don’ts which can be productive for a faster and better recovery.

 The Do’s

1. Regular Exercise

Physical sessions are an essential thing you can't overlook apart from medicines. It is among the chief aspects of a post-surgical activity. The patient must engage in physical activities from the next day of the surgery. It leads to a better recovery, helps you walk quickly, restores movements, and strengthens your Knee. 

According to the best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR, such activities can be painful initially but contribute to a speedy recovery and allows you to return to many everyday life activities soon.

2. Use of Walker

Walking is among the most effective and common in the knee healing process. Using a walker in the initial three to four weeks can be beneficial. Walking after the surgery 

without a walker leads to pressure on the Knee and can be unsafe. It can lead to the occurrence of pain and swelling.

3. Use Ice Therapy

Not everyone with knee replacement surgery experiences immediate relief from all their symptoms. Some issues require time to resolve. For instance, discussing swelling might cause problems a few months following the operation. In such cases, you can take help from icing thrice daily. This activity will assist in lessening the effect of swelling.

4. Focus on The Recommended Diet

After such extensive orthopedic surgery, it is imperative to follow a healthy diet. You need to consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients. The patient also needs to intake the proper amount of fluid. But, make sure to keep away from consuming alcohol as it can slow down the recovery process. In addition, there will be a need to concentrate on what the surgeon prescribes.

5. Ensure Proper Rest

Undergoing knee replacement surgery is a challenging task. And even after its completion, the recovery process can be tough. Proper rest is recommended for the body by the best knee replacement surgeon in Gurgaon for a speedy recovery.

The Don’ts

1. Avoid Sitting for Longer Periods

When you've had knee replacement surgery, avoid prolonged sitting for at least four weeks. And indeed, moving somewhere for 5-10 minutes every two hours will undoubtedly be beneficial. Yes, we mentioned that proper rest is necessary for such circumstances. However, only sleep for a short time. Instead, there must be an attempt to get up and move around, as it proves to be essential for the recovery process.

2. Be Extra Cautious to Prevent A Fall

You may not walk properly after the surgery. You'll have to cope with some work simultaneously, though. Remember, losing balance can raise the likelihood of a fall. That’s why you can go for some protective measures like installing nightlights, placing a bath mat, a texture on slippery places, using a raised toilet seat, wearing non-skid socks, installing a Grab bar in the toilet or bathroom, etc.

3. Avoid Putting Extra Strain on the Knee

It is advisable to consult a surgeon after knee replacement in Delhi or any other part, as errors can lead to complications. You must have an idea about the activities to undertake otherwise it can lead to strain on the knee side. 

The best knee replacement surgeon in Delhi recommends avoiding lifting heavy weights until complete recovery and moving the entire body instead of twisting the Knee. Moreover, it would help to cut the weight with a medically supervised plan as a healthy weight limits the stress on the knees.

4. Refrain from Unhealthy Habits

You must avoid unhealthy lifestyle activities if you're looking for a quick healing process—unhealthy habits like smoking must be cut down or completely stopped. Smoking leads to slow-down recovery because it shrinks the blood vessels. Similarly, you must avoid consuming alcohol if you take narcotic pain medication or blood thinners. Such changes will make your life better and contribute to healthy living.

Closing Thoughts

Life can change for the better after knee replacement surgery. Patients can move freely without eating those painkillers. Resuming other normal household activities, such as standing, sitting, and climbing stairs, is possible.

After knee replacement, exercise is a crucial component of home care, particularly during the initial weeks after surgery; you can resume most normal activities of daily living within 3 to 6 weeks following surgery. A physical therapist helps either at home or in a therapy center during the first few weeks after surgery is recommended.

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