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Ankle And Foot Injuries

15 November 2021

Foot And Ankle Reconstruction | Dr. Pradeep Kriplani
Ankle And Foot Injuries

8 Tips For Recovering From Ankle And Foot Injuries

The kind of tissue which gets damaged, like tendon, ligament, or bone, defines the severity of ankle injuries. The ankle joint is formed by three bones, tibia, fibula, and talus. Various Ligaments hold these bones together. The bones are kept in place with the help of these strong elastic bands of connective tissue. The muscles are attached to the bones by tendons so that the ankle and foot can move freely by keeping the joints stable.

A fracture takes place when there's a break either in one or more than one bone. When ligaments are damaged it’s called a sprain. If tendons are involved in the injury it’s called a strain.

Following Are Some Tips That Can Help You To Prevent Such Injuries: -

#1. Choosing the right shoe

You should choose your shoes wisely according to the type of your exercise. Different sports activities require different types of shoes. Wearing proper right fit shoes plays an essential role in the prevention of injuries.

#2. Stretching 

It's necessary to do stretching before performing any exercise since your body takes time to shift from the rest zone. Most of the injuries are related to ankle and foot crop up because of not stretching out properly.

Make sure to include stretching in your warm-up regimen to enhance your range of motion as well as flexibility. Don't make your body uncomfortable by practicing any exercise where your body doesn't support you.

#3. Plyometric Squat & Jump

This exercise promotes the growth of muscle by stretching as well as it also helps in generating power. You have to stand straight with your toes turned outwards.

Bend your ones to squat. Do as many squats as you can. After standing, do a little jump and land softly. It is significant to maintain an anatomical position; that's why it is recommended to land softly after squats.

#4. Consistency

If you are doing exercise but you aren't regular and being consistent, you won't see the results of exercising. It will help strengthen your muscles in the feet, ankles, and legs with the help of strength training exercises.

This will further help stabilize the ankle joint by enhancing your balance to safeguard you against sprained ankles.

#5. Working on technique

You should know the proper way to pivot, land, dive, jump, etc., to save yourself from injuries. You should consult a coach or experts to learn about using the right body mechanics.

#6. Fuel up

Keeping apart the ankle sprain, fractures are considered to be one of the most common ankles as well as foot injuries.

Proper nutrition helps prevent deficiencies like the absence of vitamin D, which has the potential to make your bones prone to fractures. It is suggested to follow a proper nutrition plan.

#7. Cross-training 

Cross-training is essential in making you a better athlete. It also helps in preventing injury, which is mainly caused because of repetition and overuse. Through practice, a man becomes perfect, but the mixing of other activities would not invite other issues associated with overtraining.

#8. Understanding your bodily reactions

Some medical conditions might not suit you and can make you more vulnerable. Individuals who are already suffering from a disease should take proper guidance from a doctor before doing any particular exercise.

Your doctor might give you personalized advice after assessing your health. The more aware you are, the more you are safe from such risky injuries.

At times while walking after the ankle becomes twisted, it can result in a severe injury that might cause excruciating pain.

Some of the common ankle injuries are fractures and sprains involving bones and ligaments in the ankle. Such

ankle injuries can be taken care of if treated at an early stage.

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon
MBBS, Ms (Ortho), Training in Sports Medicine

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