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5 Crucial Tips for a Faster and Pain-Free Shoulder Surgery Recovery

15 October 2022

Shoulder Replacement | Dr. Pradeep Kriplani
5 Crucial Tips for a Faster and Pain-Free Shoulder Surgery Recovery

5 Crucial Tips For A Faster And Pain-Free Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor might prescribe more conservative treatments first following shoulder replacement surgery. Simple at-home measures like rest and ice can help manage your symptoms while you undergo physical therapy to strengthen the injured tendons after shoulder replacement Delhi. , Targeted physical therapy exercises help to regain strength and range of motion. Depending on the severity of the injury, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatories or inject cortisone directly into the shoulder.

Reverse shoulder arthroplasty recovery can take 1 to 6 months. You will be required to wear a sling for the first week. If you had a lot of repairs done, you may have to wear the sling longer. Medicine can be taken to control the pain. The following tips aid in a quicker and pain-free recovery:

1) Avoid Sleeping On The Injured Side

If you face discomfort, try sleeping in a recliner or an angled pillow. People find it relatively easier to sleep in a slightly upright position. You can also sleep on your uninjured side if you’re a side sleeper. Play around with pillows. Prop up your shoulder so it’s higher than the rest of your body. Ice before bed. Wear your sling during the day and to bed.

2) Take Care Of Your Wound

Take extreme care around the wound area to avoid any kind of infection. Follow these precautionary measures and signs to minimize any spread of infection and quicker recovery

To avoid your wound getting bad, follow this W-O-R-S-T checklist after surgery

  • Worsening, discoloured, or foul-smelling discharge from the wound or extreme bleeding
  • Out of breath, pain in the chest, or breathing problem
  • Red spots near your incision
  • Sharp pains or aches
  • Temperature rising resulting in fever

If you face the WORST symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. While looking for a shoulder specialist near me online, read patient testimonials for the surgeon’s success rate. A careful surgeon selection can save you the trouble of facing the above symptoms after surgery.

Moreover, platforms like NeemTree Health Care having doctors with years of clinical excellence and the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the field of orthopaedics are your best choice in making shoulder replacement surgeries immensely successful.

3) Choose Comfort Over Style

Wearing comfortable clothing can save you time and prevent injury. Avoid wearing clothes that are worn by pulling them over your head as it requires raising your shoulder which might cause pain. Loose, oversized clothes are most manageable to put on after surgery. Consider slip-on in places of lace shoes to save the hassle of tying them. While such a tip might seem simple but can avoid any unwanted tears to take place.

4) Use Of Sling

Wearing a sling allows your tissues and ligaments the stillness they require to repair and grow back together in the correct way. People are complacent about using a sling after shoulder joint replacement. It helps to avoid weight on your shoulders resulting in less pain and faster healing.

Follow your surgeon’s sling instructions to the T. Usually, you are required to wear slings for a few weeks or months after surgery, and this is completely normal. Wearing your sling as recommended can set you up for a quicker road to recovery.


5) Avoid Complex Movements

Complex movements include lifting, overhead movements, playing sports, and exhausting activities. Some things are off-limits following a shoulder replacement surgery and you need to respect it. It requires one year for the soft tissue in your shoulder to heal properly. This makes it very critical to take care of your repair. Following the precautionary measures means a safe, full recovery. Overstressing your repair can result in re-injury, permanent pain, or even worse results.

Lastly, the shoulder is one of the most complex joints with more than a dozen muscles functioning together to raise, twist, and move the arm. Shoulder surgery recovery requires time and proper rest. Various factors play a vital role in faster shoulder surgery recovery such as age, any complications, and the doctor’s expertise. Doctors based on their experience, skills, and knowledge must be selected as your life is precious.

Moreover, Neemtree Healthcare India stands as a respected name in the field of orthopaedics. Their doctors with years of clinical excellence adhere to the use of world-class technology for innovative care in the field of orthopaedics and are your best choice. With more than 35 centres in 13 cities and treating more than 40000 happy patients, and an enriched experience of more than 40+ years, their credibility stands immensely validated.

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Dr. Pradeep Kriplani

Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon
MBBS, Ms (Ortho), Training in Sports Medicine

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